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Cyber Insurance Isn't A First Line of Defense

Ransomware is not fully covered by many insurers. But the damage is devastating.
It could wipe out your revenue, data, impact reputation, and client trust. 





In fact, ransomware attacks accounted for 75% of all cyber insurance claims in 2021 (source: AM Best), which has led to the availability of insurance companies reducing their cyber insurance coverage and raising their cyber premiums.

This problem can be solved by calculating cybersecurity premiums according to cybersecurity levels. Basically, a less vulnerable network will make your business more appealing to insurance companies, resulting in higher cyber insurance coverage and better premiums.


That’s why you need HUBGuard, a subscription assurance service designed to improve your cybersecurity posture, meet higher compliance standards, and protect your financial and reputational assets.

HUBGuard offers a comprehensive cybersecurity and ransomware protection platform, with continuous risk assessments, resilience testing, incident response, and disaster recovery.

Get the best protection for your business.

What's in HUBGuard?


Ransomware Readiness

External Attack Surface Management 

DDoS Resilience and Attack Simulations

Phishing Simulations

Red Teaming

Incident Response

Recovery Assistance

Cybersecurity posture visibility and management interface

Secure SaaS File Storage


...and so much more

HUBGuard allows you to plan your costs up to three years in advance, produce detailed, accurate business reports, and ultimately reduce your TCO.

Why Us? 

HUB Security offers the broadest portfolio of cybersecurity services and solutions in the world, including managed services, compliance, and confidential computing solutions. For over 30 years, HUB Security’s Professional Services division has protected information and assets for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups and government agencies worldwide.