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HUB Secure File Vault: Healthcare Security
Secure file storage for healthcare organizations


HUB Secure File Vault keeps patients data and medical records safe.

Nearly 450,000 clinical trials were registered in 2022 worldwide (source: Statista), creating new hope for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. Such sensitive data makes healthcare organizations and research institutes prime targets for ransomware attacks and extortion.

HUB Secure File Vault is a cloud-based SaaS solution for protecting healthcare organizations and isolating clinical trials data from the outside world. A key component of HUB Secure File Vault is its confidential computing technology, which locks sensitive data in secure enclaves, away from unauthorized hands. So it doesn't matter if passwords are stolen or the infrastructure is compromised - information stored in HUB Secure File Vault will remain secure.

HUB Secure File Vault provides a sterile environment to store and manage patient data and clinical trial information, with highly secure authentication and authorization processes. So that only authorized users and devices from authorized locations can access the information stored in the vault.

HUB Secure File Vault can easily be deployed and integrated into existing systems and infrastructure, eventually ensuring compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, ISO27001, and other healthcare regulations and standards.

Don't compromise patient privacy.
Get the best protection for your business with Secure File Vault.

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