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HUB Secure File Vault: Supply Chain Security

An integrated solution for securing file sharing across supply chains

Recent years have seen an increase in cyberattacks targeting supply chains. These attacks present a unique set of cyber threats, such as exploiting one chain member’s vulnerabilities to gain access to another chain member’s data.

Additionally, organizations often share data with third parties outside the supply chain, which can also be exploited by attackers.

Clouds, drives, and shared libraries are not secure enough. 
To operate uninterruptedly, supply chains must be resilient and breakable, like a fort, or simply put, a secure file vault. A core element of HUB Secure File Vault is confidential computing, an advanced technology that locks data in secure enclaves and keeps it safe even if one chain member’s passwords are stolen or another chain member’s infrastructure is compromised.

HUB Secure File Vault is a highly secure cloud-based SaaS solution for storing and sharing files between, within, and outside supply chains. HUB Secure File Vault uses zero-trust confidential computing technology, advanced encryption, authorization, and authentication to ensure that only authorized devices and users can access data stored in the supply chain

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